Why use magick?

Everyone has problems and everyone wants answers, so why turn to magick to make lasting life changes?  For starters, magick is rooted in humanity’s ancient past.  Magick includes concepts, teachings, and symbols that resonate to the deepest core of our subconscious minds.  This is wisdom clearly articulated by Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, which was then filtered and built upon by generations of mankind’s greatest thinkers both in the East and West.

Magick works because it is the most up-to-date psychology that exists—and it does so by drawing on the traditions of our ancient past, not by denigrating them.

I am a great friend of science; however, it disappoints in its narrowness of scope and its inability to produce lasting harmony or growth in humanity.  Science is the blundering missionary bringing antibiotics to the local villages.  While that is certainly useful, it is no replacement for the wise and beneficent tribe shaman who takes care of the emotional and spiritual needs of the villagers, curing psychological aliments as well as physical ones.  Magick is the epitome of effectiveness when it comes to changing people’s lives and making them happy.

Magick is about taking charge of your spirituality now and putting it to good use in your life where you can see, taste, and feel the changes it produces.  Magick is more than a religion or philosophy as it takes from all philosophies and all religions—whatever works the best.  That is the spirit of magick and the spirit of Everything You Wanted to Know About Magick (But Were Afraid to Ask).


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