Why did you write this book?

There are many reasons to write any book, but the two most practical concerns were that one, I always wanted a book with all the information I regularly use for rituals in one place.  And two, I’m regularly asked for help with magick and what book do I recommend, and I’ve always had to suggest books that weren’t quite what someone needed.  Now finally, with Everything You Wanted to Know About Magick (But Were Afraid to Ask) the essentials are presented in such a way I can hand it to a beginner and they can quickly get up to speed with magick.

More than all that, I hope to impress upon my readers that magick is not something you do; it’s something you are.  This world has so many problems, but all of them can be cured by understanding the connection between art, magick, creativity, and our deepest desires—not just those implanted by peers or mass media.  I hope that my book helps rejuvenate the psyche of not just individuals, but that of our troubled Earth as a whole.

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