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Who is this book for?

Everything You Wanted to Know About Magick (But Were Afraid to Ask) is for anyone who has been interested in real magick but been confused, scared or overwhelmed by other books on the subject.  Beyond that, this book includes subtexts and layers of advanced magickal thought that will appeal to intermediate and advanced students as well.

To illustrate the wildly varied experiences one can take from this book, I present two happy endings, but with completely different means to that end.

The first example is from a former student by the name of Emily.  Emily was in the midst of severe money problems, legal problems related to her animal activism, and going through a mid-life crisis all at once.  Emily did not grow up religious, did not pray, or have a religion or spirituality of any sort.  She had a fear of most things “dark” or occult, but liked “good magick.”  Emily was only able to work with basic meditations and the simplest of rituals in the book; however, they were enough to turn her attitude and life around.  Now she is working at a job in her new profession, and her first film is now in production in Hollywood.

Another student by the name of Natasha illustrates a more gung-ho plunge into magick.  A bright, but uneducated girl, she grew up in a religious household, but had no real connection to her original religion.  She was fascinated by all aspects of magick as presented in Everything You Wanted to Know About Magick (But Were Afraid to Ask), including charging talismans and plunging directly into work with daemons and astral entities.  She found a “familiar” spirit who encouraged her to quit drugs and alcohol and inspired and guided her to turn her life around on all levels.  This spirit is currently helping Natasha make her way through college.

While both students had completely different goals and levels of interest in magick, both were able to take what they needed from Everything You Wanted to Know About Magick (But Were Afraid to Ask) to rectify their spiritual and material problems and thereby resume enjoyment of their lives.

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