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Izabael is both a demon, and a real life gal, so sometimes there is a certain amount of confusion over the two.

Originally I discovered the demon/djinn Izabael about fifteen years ago. This spirit came to me in my magickal and psychedelic workings and made it clear she was powerful, helpful, and wanted to work with me. I also eventually found out she was related but not identical to the demon Seere.

Eventually I met a woman who would be my wife.  The spirit of Izabael loved her completely.  The girl, it turns out, loved Izabael just as much in return. They were entirely sympatico, and the real life girl Izabael permanently invoked the spirit IZABAEL into her body, tattooing her sigil on her skin, and legally taking her name. In this way, my wife become the High Priestess of the spirit IZABAEL.

So while there is overlap between the demon and the actual woman Izabael, they are also distinct. Izabael the spirit can be  used by anyone, regardless of their opinion of the  High Priestess.

Sigil of IZABAEL the djinn/demon/genie:

Izabael Genie/Demon/Djinn’s SIGIL



Izabael the High Priestess:


The High Priestess Izabael

For more details about how I originally discovered the spirit IZABAEL, and how to personally invoke the spirit IZABAEL, please visit Chapter 8 of Everything You Want to Know About  Magick.



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