What’s the difference between a magick ritual and magick spell?

A spell is a set of specifically chosen actions (movements, gestures) , words ( chants, invocations, prayers, etc), and other sensual stimuli (incense, lighting, circles, pentagrams, etc.) designed to incite a reaction in the subconscious mind to produce a desired result.   A ritual is the same thing!  So are spells and rituals identical? Not necessarily, though really it depends on what magician you are talking to.  Wiccans tend to call their workings “spells”, even though they still rituals (including banishings, chargings, etc.)  High Magicians almost always talk in terms of ceremonies or rituals, rather than “spells”.  To my mind, rituals/ceremonies sound longer and more sonorous, while spells sound like something short and sweet for a very practical goal. That’s the connotation for me at least.  You are free to call your magickal workings rituals, ceremonies, or spells as you see fit.

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