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What subjects does this magick book cover?

This book teaches the underlying concepts of magick, i.e. the actual principles involved in creating a ritual for the purpose of having positive results in our life.

This book correlates and puts into perspective a diverse range of magickal and occult topics such as angels, spirit guides, Wicca, Paganism, witchcraft, , Goetia, Thelema, Golden Dawn, Qabalah, alchemy, astrology, chaos magick, sex magick, and Hermeticism.

Here are some of the magickal topics you will learn by studying and practicing the rituals and exercises in my book:

  • How to understand and utilize the Hermetic language
  • How to heal oneself and others utilizing the chakras
  • Learn the symbols of the tarot
  • How to prepare your temple
  • How to create rituals for any purpose
  • How to increase your psychic and astral senses and abilities
  • How to perform sex magick, both alone and with others
  • How to work with angels and demons
  • How to sanely and safely work with entheogens

The content and structure of Everything You Wanted to Know About Magick (But Were Afraid to Ask) serves up a solid magickal meal, presenting theory and practice sandwiched together in the most appetizing fashion.

Some of the other types of questions you will be able to answer by the end of the book include:

  • Who is the granddaddy of modern magick?
  • What should I wear when performing magick?
  • Where is the best place to meditate?
  • When is the best time to create a love talisman?
  • How do I know if I did a ritual properly?

The answers to this and pretty much nearly any other question you can get is somewhere in the magick book, and if it’s not you can’t definitely contact me, or check the magickal resources section.

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