What is your background in magick?

I have been studying, practicing, and teaching magick for over twenty-two years.  You might even say I have done so ravenously.  I have studied high magick, Wicca, Eastern religions, Hermeticism, and just about every other form of occultism or religion.  I have worked with Enochian magickal groups, Thelemic and Golden Dawn orders, and private sex magick groups.  To this day I am a student of all things magickal, and I always am hungry for new methods and ideas to further improve the efficacy of my magick and those I teach online and through private instruction and classes.

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  • cyebele jet

    i find my self greatly interested in this subject but cant find enough information to really understand what is magick and is this an evil practice and how is this knowledge going to help ,me.

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