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What is the ultimate goal of magick?

“What is the ultimate goal of magick?”

Every magician will have to formulate the answer to that for themselves.

For me, the goal of magick is to increase the joy and pleasure of my life, while helping the world and those around me as much as possible.

Magick, whether white magick or black magick,  is about getting what you want, which includes not just acquiring the ability to attract the things you desire, but actually knowing what it is you want and understanding your relationship to the rest of the universe.

Wealth, love, joy and self-esteem are by-products of a healthy magician doing his or her True Will—and selfishly loving every minute of it.  A magician finds perhaps even more joy in the act performing a beautiful ritual, rather than the results of the magic spell itself.  The joy of life is in the process, but it takes an adept of high order to really submit to that level of constant joy, focused on each moment, without “lust for results.”

One goal of magick I don’t think is healthy is immortality.  The lust for immortality is an ego-based desire.  The True Will understands life and death as twin performers in the dance of life.  Without one the other has no meaning.  As one evolves as a magician, one becomes comfortable with death, change, and transformation, and therefore would have no need to cling to a desperate idea such as immortality.  A real magician “dies daily” and is reborn daily as well.  More on the magick of “death” later…


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