What is the Goetia?

The Goetia's King Beleth


The Goetia is by far the most popular “phonebook” of demons. It contains a mixed bag of spirits, of various demeanors, for goals as various as learning musical instruments, finding wealth, gaining love, or conquering in war.


            The Goetia is part of a longer work called The Lesser Key of Solomon, which is a collection of medieval grimoires attributed metaphorically to King Solomon.

The first section is the Ars Goetia.  This is the legendary Goetia, book of 72 daemons and their sigils.  A classic in every sense, it’s the standard whereby other grimoires are judged.  It was an early favorite of Crowley’s and his version is still the most popular one to this day.


How do I use the Goetia for my own goals and desires?

Chapter 8 of my magick book describes in detail how to work with the Goetia including full invocations and a selection of popular demons to pick from.

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