What is Black Magick?

“Black magic”, or more appropriately “black magick”, fascinates new students to the occult as no other type of magick can.  However just what “black magick” is seems generally mysterious and vague.  It’s not always easy to find two magicians or occultists who agree on the exact same definition. A common definition of black magick is magick performed for any sort of selfish goal whatsoever. Therefore, any magick that isn’t aimed at attaining a better connection to God (True Self, HGA, etc.) would be considered black. In that case, any magick for physical results, such as love or money, is black magick. Then again, some people consider any sort of magick to be evil.   From this perspective, the only magick that then exists is black magick. Then there is the influence of Hollywood movies upon the whole concept of magick.  Besides a lack of realism, Hollywood movies generally simplify everything into black and white, good vs. evil.

To keep it simple, in this book it means any magick in which you would have physical harm come to someone. Normally, I feel a wiser man or woman would find a better course.  It doesn’t make much sense magically or Qabalistically, especially as you advance upon your way to adepthood.  Your sense of oneness will be so complete you would not want to harm anything outside you because you see it as a reflection of yourself. Instead of black magick, you’ll always be better off by channeling that frustration towards the root of your problem.  Do unto yourself before you do unto others. If you want to murder someone, first murder your ego-mind!

But ultimately I feel like terms such as “white”, “grey” and “black magic spells” become meaningless;  magick is magick. It is energy and what you do with it will have repercussions, but magick isn’t any inherently more “black” or “white” than electricity or a firearm. So whether a magick act is evil or good is more about the person performing the magick and his or her goals, than the style of magick or what “demons” or “black magic spells” are used.

What is good and evil anyway?

No one is completely “good” or “evil”–and who is to reliably judge such things?    To a primitive watching an open heart surgery, it might look the doctors are “evil” and are torturing a man, but ultimately they are trying to save him, so that is actually “good”–unless of course the man is a known serial killer, and they are going to put him back on the street afterward–then that might be considered “evil” again–unless of course the serial killer only kills bad guys like Dexter, in which case it might be a “good” act again. Oh it goes on an on! So who can judge?  This is why having one’s own spiritual center, your HGA, higher self, intuition, or whatever you want to call it, is so important.

Find your own spiritual center and every act you perform will be right one, one that leads you to further joy and happiness and to those around you.


[For a longer article I wrote on black magick: Who is Afraid of A Little Black Magick? ]


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