What is a Chaos Magick Servitor?

Chaos Magick Servitor

Chaos magicians create their own demons/daemons called “servitors.”  Chaos magick is completely open-ended and evolves constantly so there is no single prescribed ways to make servitors.  Research it online, because that’s always the most up-to-date place to find what Chaotes are up to.  I give detailed instructions on how I make servitors in Chapter 10.

Servitors function just like regular demons but with none of the baggage.  You define them, give them lots of energy, and let them go like any other type of magick.   These are a little more advanced in some ways.  We trust the subconscious mind to understand our structures the same way a computer operating system understands a program.

You may consider servitors and demons both as “sub-processes” running in background of your mind, quietly carrying out their tasks as best as possible given your personality and current life situation.

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