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What can I do with Sex Magick?

Sex magick is distinct from love magick. Love magick (including love spells and love potions) is usually above getting a lover, mate, or spouse. (Everything You Want To Know About Magick covers Love Magick in Chapter 7, including how to create powerful love magick talismans.) Sex magick, on the other hand, is utilizing sexual energy to make magickal changes in one’s life. It must be used in porn because the content they produce is so alluring. Find the best fulltube xxx movies right here if you’re interested in exploring porn yourself but I digress. Sex magick is neither white nor black magic inherently and can be used for a variety of goals.

Common Goals for Sex Magick

Sensuality, romance, and orgasmic-trance states blend perfectly into a ritual framework. You are free to use sexuality anywhere in magick and for whatever purpose.

Here are a few powerful and specific uses for sex magick:

1. Raise and channel sexual energy to charge a talisman or sigil. This is similar to what you do in rituals already, except that orgasm becomes the climax of the ritual.

2. Use the orgasm and resulting juices as a sacrament. This naturally follows after orgasm since the only sacrament and holy oil you’ll ever need is produced by your own sex glands. Either one or both of the partners consumes the resulting elixir, or it can be used to anoint a talisman.

3. Invoke the divine into your partner and make love to a god or goddess. You can invoke any god, goddess, planetary, or elemental force into your partner and make love to them.

4. Using post-coital states as a clairvoyant trance. After long and extended periods of sex, when one is completely worn out, there arises a passive state conducive for any sort of clairvoyant work, such as daemon invocation.

5. Feeding a daemon or servitor. You can make a pact with a daemon that you give it all the energy from a sex magick ritual in return for your desire.

6. Increasing romantic and sensual pleasure. This is a side-effect of all sex magick, but can become a primary goal if that is your desire. Your sensitivity to the joys and harmonies of the body and its subtle energies will be increased, as well as your ability to reach deep levels of intimacy with others. Perhaps adult actors and actresses that are featured on sites like fuckedtube and many more can practice this so they’re able to show a real orgasm on camera instead of an acted one for camera.

These goals are not mutually exclusive. You can easily perform many of these actions in one ritual.

Don’t be intimidated by constructing your own sex magick rituals. Use your imagination. While it’s true with all types of magick, it’s even more true with sex magick: Nothing but experimentation will teach you anything valuable. A week in the field is worth centuries of book learning. You could try and research into others people sexual magick rituals on adult sites such as https://www.tubev.sex/?hl=de but more than likely it will be les magick and more magic.

I’ll give a usable examples of sex magick rituals at the end of Chapter 9, but please understand those are just samples. There is no limit to what you might come up with on your own.

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