What can I do with magick?

Magick can be used for any earthly goal or purpose such as to land a more lucrative career, marry a soul mate, or even just to help find a lost or stolen object.  Magick is also about becoming more spiritual, i.e. being in tune with your own deepest goals and desires.

Popular areas for magickal work include:

  • Love and romance, including help with wayward lovers, and even the ability to steal mates from others.
  • Wealth, career and good luck in financial endeavors.  Magick can make you into a money magnet.
  • Optimum health, both physically and mentally.  Most of the rituals in this magick book have the lovely side effect of making you more fit mentally, physical and emotionally.  Also spells can be devised to help heal specific diseases and problems as well.
  • Help with learning, school, sciences and the arts.
  • Help with becoming famous or successful in competitive careers, such as acting and music.
  • Help banishing negative people from your life.
  • Protection from negative influences, curses, evil-eye’s, etc.
  • Improve your own psychic and astral abilities.  Learn to have an almost supernatural intuition.
  • Communicate with spirits, angels, djinn, and other powerful entities.
  • Improve your dreams.
  • Increase your level of attraction from others.
  • Increase your sensual pleasure in all areas of love, sex, and romance with partners of your choice

There really is no limit to what goals magick can be applied to.  You can have goals without magick; but why?

Magick gives the EXTRA EDGE needed to thrive in this difficult and competitive world.

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