What are chakkras?


The chakras are energy centers running up and down the center of our bodies.  The word itself comes from the Sanskrit “wheel” or “turning.”

The chakras can be “worked.”  This means through breath-control and visualization they can become more enlivened with magickal energy.


Chakkra Location on Body Location on Tree of Life Color Name to Chant
Sahasrâra Top of head Kether Violet or Bright White Eh-heh-yeh
Ajna “Third eye” Daleth/Gimel Indigo None[1]
Vishuddha Throat Daath Blue YHVH El-Oh-Heem
Anahata Chest Tiphareth Green, Yellow or Gold YHVH El-oh-ah V’Dah’Aht
Manipûra Gut (navel) Peh/Samech Yellow or Red Mah-nee-pur-uh
Svadisthâna Groin Yesod Orange or Red None
Mûlâdhara Base of Spine/ Feet[2] Malkuth Red or Black Adonai Ha-Aretz

What is magickal energy?

Magickal energy is any type of energy used for a specific, intended purpose.  This includes not only energy raised through our chakras, but also emotional energy such as being excited, anxious, or angry so long as it is used in a fashion congruent with our intent.  More on this in the magick book and in future blog posts.

[1] There are no traditional Golden Dawn God names associated with either Ajna or Manipura.

[2] The Mûlâdhara Chakra is considered to be at the base of the spine.  The Golden Dawn interpretation is that this chakra moves down to the feet when standing.

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