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Wealth or Money Invocation

Invocation/Spell for Wealth


You may do this once a day anytime, anywhere, inside or outside, but perform it somewhere you can drip candle wax onto the ground.  Light the candle before you start the relaxation ritual so that there is sufficient hot wax.

Say powerfully: “Great God AL*, lord of my fruition, send forth thy stable hand to spread yours seeds of bounty.”

With the thumb of your active hand inscribe an imaginary circle in the palm of your passive hand.

Say:Under the skies of Tzedek, I plow my fields with dedication and marvel as thy seeds sprout with abundance and wealth.”

Drip some wax onto the ground and pause for a moment in silence.

Say: “Hail Chasmael, I feel thy blessing and mark your message upon my hand.”

With your thumb draw an imaginary “X” in the circle you previous drew upon your palm.

Say: So mote it be!”

            Stamp your foot on the ground and finish with the Sign of Silence.


*You should verbalize this drawn out to “Ahhhhhhhhlll.”

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