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Wealth, Money Magick, and the Abundance Mindset

Wealth (and Money) Magick & Abundance


Wealth and money are the second most common goal of magick. (In my personal experience LOVE is the number one goal of magick!)

The abundance mindset is the belief that there is plenty of wealth in the world to go around.  It is the opposite of the more usual “scarcity mindset” which believes that not only is there not enough wealth, but that acquiring it must be done through either Machiavellian or tedious means.  This mentality leads to depression, futility, and greed.

The abundance mindset is liberation as it frees you to focus on your passions in life and let the wealth take care of itself.


What if I have trouble accepting the abundance mindset?

Admittedly, it’s easier said than done to really feel it in your bones that there is more than enough wealth to go around. There is a certain amount of resistance from our mind to this idea.  Here are a few tips to open yourself up to this liberating concept:

1)     Be open to the idea of infinite abundance—at least accept that it might be true on some deeper level even if your rational mind balks at the idea.

2)     Look around and focus upon abundance, both in nature and in the financial world.  Niagara Falls, for example, can pump as much as 200,000 cubic feet of water per second, and has been around for over 10,000 years.  There are billionaires that in minutes make enough for an average family to live on comfortably for years.  There really is that much abundance in the world.

3)     There is no shortage of energy.  In modern science, we know that energy is conserved, meaning nothing is ever created or destroyed, but only changes form.  Learn to think of the abundance mindset as transforming one type of energy into another.  There is always enough of some kind of energy going around—the trick is to convert it into the type of energy you require.

4)     There is a certain amount of “surrender” when giving into the abundance mindset.  Once again, a belief in some sort of “higher power” will greatly assist you.

5)     Learn to give away what you have.  Give away your love.  Give away your creative ideas.  Give away your time.  Give away your last $10.  By giving away the very things we usually cling so tightly to we clear our life of scarcity mindset blocks, and then real wealth and abundance will flow into your life.


If you are still having problems, then forget about it.  The wealth magick and money spells given in my magick book will still work even if you do not accept the abundance mindset.

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