The Power of Symbols

The “language” of Hermeticism & magick is made up of symbols, formulas, and other magickal concepts, which is discussed in more detail in the book.  The Hermetic language, or “magickal symbols,” serves two primary functions.  First, it is a method of communicating between magicians, and more importantly, it is the means by which we will communicate our desires to the subconscious mind.

Why doesn’t our native tongue suffice for this?  It’s too tied to the mundane affairs of life, while the Hermetic language utilizes symbolism that hearkens back to our earliest scholars, most notably Plato. Historically the author was known as “Hermes Trismegistus.”

I present the most commonly used symbols of magick, starting with simple and general principles and then moving into more detailed and complex ways to subdivide the universe.  All of the following symbols are ways to classify and understand the universe and thereby transform it—while at the same time, the symbolism attunes and harmonizes ourselves to the universe.

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