The Ego-Mind


The ego-mind is that incessantly yappy part of our mind that always says “I,” “I,” “I,” and “me,” “me,” “me.”    Most humans are so identified with this ego-mind that they don’t realize that there is anything else.

The ego-mind could also be appropriately called the “monkey mind” as it is that incessant rattle of jabber running non-stop in our heads.

Monkey mind is originally a Buddhist term[1] meaning “unsettled, restless, capricious, inconstant, confused, indecisive, and uncontrollable.”  This sums up the ego-mind perfectly, and yet it is only too common to mistake this endless chain of self-talk for our True Self.

The ego-mind’s greatest trick is getting you to believe you are your ego-mind.  You are not.  You are so much more.


What Am I?

Underneath all the neurotic, narcissistic, and obsessive layers of the ego-mind is pure being—pure existence.  This is also known as our “higher self” or True Self.  In magick this is called the  Holy Guardian Angel, or simply the HGA.  One of the highest goals of magick and Hermeticism is reclaiming this link to our divine and higher self.


[1] Xinyuan in Chinese and  shin’en in Sino-Japanese.

1 comment to The Ego-Mind

  • Austine Wallace

    Yes, alot of people do have a monkey mind but, that does not mean that every ego is a monkey. Obviously there can be many things that can go wrong with that definition and belief. Many other people see those who are ego driven and have a strong sense of Self before anything else as egotistical and self-centered. But, the truth is that you cannot aid others until you learn to aid yourself.
    The world we live in is filled with those who want to help you, it’s not that they don’t desparately need money themselves, but buyer beware ! Whatever advice the casual stranger gives might be entirely valueless, and might only make your life much worse than ever before. Becoming selfless only turns humans into numb vegetables who cannot really do anything at all about their emotional pain and trauma.

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