The Caduceus

Mercury (Hermes), god of magick and writing,  carries a staff called the caduceus, which is a pictorial representation of all he stands for, including his job as protector to merchants, thieves, and liars.

It is interesting that the medical association has erroneously taken the caduceus as their own, which has nothing to do with medicine.  The symbol that should be associated with medicine is actually the Staff of Asclepius which has only a single snake and no wings.


Wand of Hermes

Staff of Asclepius, God of Healing

Along with his caduceus, Mercury also carries a money-bag.  As master of magick and the spiritual world, he still firmly understands the concerns of the material plane, and is quick to exploit its laws for his own advantage.

I find it funny and ironic the medical association is now firmly associated not with the wand of the great healer, but that of the great trickster, prankster, and thief.

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