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Path 29: Qoph (KOHF), XVIII. The Moon

The Moon appears here in her dark and mysterious aspect.  This is the type of moon under which dark sorceries, black magick, and menacing witchcraft are performed.

Nothing is what it seems.  This is the world of deceit, delusion, and madness.  Not that some might not like it here for awhile—it can be darkly seductive.  It’s the grimy underworld of sex, drugs, and excessive indulgence.  However, sooner or later, the lack of sunlight will kill any but the genuinely nocturnal.

It partakes of many of the more sinister aspects of Neztach (shallowness, superficial success, hallow fame) and brings it down to the material plane (Malkuth).   The attribution of Pisces just enhances all this, with its worst aspects becoming prominent: weak-willed, easily led astray, and secretive to the point of deception.

This path polarizes with The Sun tarot card.  This path is “darkest” part of the Moon. The Sun card however, symbolizes the simplest, and brightest parts of the Sun.  The Sun’s Hebrew letter is Resh, which means the head—the center of our sensations, where all our experiences are processed.  The Moon’s Hebrew letter is Qoph, however, which means back of the head, implying that which cannot be seen, that which is behind us, and unavailable for conscious understanding.

This path is also a connection to our animal instincts, our more primal senses, such as our sense of smell and the sense of taste.  This tarot card brings out our inner beast, connecting us to the night in a way only nocturnal animals usually can.

            Ritual and meditational use:  Black magick and works of wickedness.  When you work with the energies here, be careful your black magic doesn’t backfire.  The rituals and meditations in Everything You Want To Know About Magick make it safe to practice even black magic spells, as you will be in tune with your higher self and the inherent wisdom of the Universe.

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