Ouija Boards

Do Ouija boards work?

Ouija board

Ouija board

Yes they can! They don’t work with everyone but with certain types of people they start working right away.

Do Ouija boards work with just one person?

Sometimes, yes one can get the planchette to move by one’s self.

What spirit will come when I use a Ouija board?

That’s the thing! You will never know!  Unless you use a Ouija board in a magickal setting, including banishings and invokings, you could pick up any random spirit, ghost, or energy!  They may be helpful or they may be quite negative.

So should I use a Ouija board?

I wouldn’t use them just for fun. I wouldn’t say they are as dangerous as movies make them out, but unless you are going to take time to invoke a specific spirit or energy to communicate with, you may as well just call someone random on your phone as that’s as likely to find someone reliable on the other end!

Ulimately Ouija board can be a useful tool like a crystal ball, or magick mirror.  It can definitely be used to contact spirits or astral entities, but unless you do it in a ritual setting, you will most likely just pick up random spiritual garbage (or nothing at all!).  So the moral is banish, invoke, then try the Ouija for communication with the same respect you would with a consecrated magick mirror.

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