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Mini Goetic Grimoire

Everything You Want To Know About Magick’s

Mini Goetia Grimoire


Here are twelve of my favorite daemons (djinn, spirits, demon, etc.) fromthe Goetia.
The descriptions are succinctly quoted or paraphrased for simplicity and clarity.  These are powerful djinn that can be invoked and utilized with the instructions and sample ritual in Chapter 8 of Everything you Want To Know About Magick (But Were Afraid to Ask).

Izabael Dajinn Sigil

Izabael is master of magick and can teach it. She can bring love, especially magickal soulmates .She can make many things happen at once.She facilliates the use of other Goëtic spirits so that they work harmoniously together. Izabael is a chaos servitor based on Seere, the 70th daemon of the Goetia (or more accurately, she is a spontaneous development of him). She is also a direct link to one’s higher self and can give flashes of insight into many situations.


Beleth Djinn ultra

“This great King Beleth causeth all the love that may be, both of men and of women.”


Gusion Demon Djinn Sigil

Gusion reconciles relationships and gives honor and dignity
unto any.


Aim Demon Djinn Sigil

The demon/djinn AIM maketh one witty.


sitri djinn demon sigil

The Demon/djinn Sitri: “He inflameth a man with a woman’s love, and also stirreth up women to love men. He discloses the secrets of the opposite sex, laughing at them and mocking them, to make them luxuriously naked.”


glasya-labolas djinn demon sigil

Glasya-Labolas teaches the art of clandestine operations, especially those requiring trickery or deceit.


astaroth demon djinn sigil

The demon/djinn Astaroth makes a person wonderful learned in the liberal sciences.


bune demon djinn sigil

BUNE the wealth djinn/demon: “He giveth Riches unto a Man, and maketh him Wise and Eloquent.


gremory gamori sigil demon djinn

The demon/djinn Gremory/Gamori answers truly of things present, past, and to come, and
of treasures hid, and where it lieth. She also procureth the love of women, especially of maids.


buer sigil djinn demon

The demon djinn BUER keeps you healthy and helps cure ailments and disease.


eligos djinn demon sigil

The demon/djinn Eligos gives true advice pertaining to warfare and business. Procures
the love of royalty, celebrities, and others of high status.


sabnock savnock demon djinn sigil

Traditionally for building high castles and well-manned turrets, today he excels at manifesting large estates and protecting them.


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