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Magick is a science:

A science so far ahead of the norm that the stodgy pay it no heed.


Magick is an art:

Magick is fluid and flexible and not easily defined…only artist can give it proper shape.


Magick is beauty:

Magick is about finding meaning and  joy in everything and every moment. To find beauty in only some things and only some moments, is to have not yet transcended.


Magick is death:

Within life we are within constant transformation and change, which is death. Nothing is ever lost and destroyed in this world–only transmuted.


Magick is love:

A magician binds “this and that” in his conjuration, analyzing, synthesizing, new forms and creations through his Wit & Will.


Magick is discipline.

Without a Will to finish, without a will to push through the DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL (which exists in every project), then we are useless and accomplish nothing.


Magick is NOT easy.

If it were easy everyone would do it. If success was easy everyone would have it.  Magick gives AN EDGE so sorely need to succeed in the modern world.


Magick is power.

Magick is the power over one’s self, one’s emotions, one’s mind, one’s action. This is the key to joy.  Power over others is a facade.


Magick is chaos.

Don’t try to control everything. Magick happens through accidents and the apparently “meaningless.”