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Magick Spells

Magick Spells (or the less accurate “magic spells”) are REAL magick designed to harness every available resource of our mind, body, spirit and subconcious mind to make effective and powerful changes on Earth according to our TRUE WILL and DESIRE. These results manifest on the material plane giving us joy and bounty, in a world that can otherwise

I feel the most powerful magick spells, whether love spells, revenge spells, money spells, success spells, angel spells, Goetic demon spells, or whatever else, are those done by oneself.  That said, there is a time an a place for magick spells cast by someone else. The advantage here is that 1) They should be expert and have more experience at the spells than you might have on your own; and 2) One can let go of the situation and trust the spell completely, thus getting rid of a lot of internal blocks that could keep a perfectly reasonable goal from manifesting; and 3) Sometimes another person can see more clearly and cast a spell from a  more objective place of calmness and centeredness.  This can make for a better spell.

I don’t really know how many of the thousands of casters online are actually legitimately doing the work for you. Many are probably scams.  The only caster I can personally recommend is Izabael.  She gets good reviews from me and other legitimate magick users.  The best way do magick is yourself, but if you need to hire someone, Izabael is your best hope for good results.  Izabael Reviews.

The most common types of spells requested I have found fall into three main categories:

Love Spells: These are probably the most common types of spells. Often they are to fix an old relationship gone sour, or sometimes to find a brand new soulmate.

Revenge Spells & Banish Spells:  These spells are used to punish someone or simply remove them from the situation.  Revenge spells I feel are usually better left undone, but in rare cases it can be quite cathartic and powerful to do so. Banish spells, however, are useful for many different things, and often go well with a Love spell (i.e. to keep away an annoying ex-boyfriend or girlfriend around the target of a love spell).

Career & Money Spells: I feel career spells are better than money spells. What I mean by that is, that if you focus on  a career with meaning in your spell, you will have better lasting results than just focusing on a lump sum of money.  The lump of money won’t get you far, but an underlying career that you have a passion for will carry you through until your end of days.

I wish you the best with your own spells, whether they be black, white, or some other color within the rainbow spectrum of magickal possibilities.