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Magic Spell for Health

A Simple Magick Spell for Health


This should be performed as close to high-noon as possible.  Standing bare-chested in the sun is ideal, but not necessary.

Look up to the sun as best you can without blinding yourself.   If you cannot see it, then imagine it brighter than you’ve ever seen it before.

At this point, don’t worry too much about the pronunciations.  Just do your best with any unfamiliar names.  Say loudly if possible; if not, you may whisper it with silent conviction:

            “Hail Shabbathai, I honor thy timeless presence.  I hear the call of thine impending thunder.

Hail Zazel, I hear thy trumpet calling from afar reminding me to enjoy the now.

            “Oh Shemmesh, I invoke thy sunny demeanor into my perfect now.  Heal me and those I love.  Teach our hearts joy.  Sortah and Nakhiel, hear the golden roar of Yod Heh Va Heh El-Oh-Ah Va-Da-Ath.  Bathe me in the blissful pleasure of the eternally fleeting moment.  So mote it be!”

Make what is known as the Sign of Silence by putting your thumb or forefinger to your lips in a silent “shhh” pose.  This gesture ends nearly all rituals you will perform in this book.


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