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Love/Venus Invocation/Spell

Invocation for Love


Once a day (preferably in the morning or before bed), draw the Venus symbol (“$”) upon a mirror[1] with the tip of your forefinger, and then say:

            “Hear me, oh Venus, goddess of love and sensual bounty.  Stir up your gods, and stir up your angels to assist me in this, my most humble and passionate request:

            “By the power of  Yod Heh Vav Heh Tza-Bah-oth and the splendorous victory of Haniel and the Elohim, I exort you Qedemel and Hagiel, to enflame the heart of ____________ with love and passion, or with the blessing of Hagith, to push him/her aside and bring me someone better.

            “Call upon your consort Apollo to play upon the heartstrings of my most perfect companion.  Blind him/her to my flaws, and excite his/her most intense desire.  So shall my love be returned 1000-fold as I submit to pleasure not for me, but unto thee, oh Aphrodite.

So mote it be!”

            Finish by making the Sign of Silence.

(The blank space in the previous invocation is reserved for the name of someone you love or have a crush on.  This can be someone you know in person, a fantasy, or even a celebrity.  Choose someone who incites your strongest passions, but be open to the universe bringing you someone better suited for you.)

[1] The symbol of Venus is a stylized representation of her hand mirror.

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