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Layour emotions

love all your open undernourished raw emotionsIn working magick for others, I have found love spells to be of number one interest  by a healthy margin (even above money and wealth).  One thing I noticed is that people are really alike when it comes to love, breakups, objects of desire, obsessions, self-esteem, etc..   The similarities I’ve seen cut across ethnic, religious, and financial lines.  The open, wounded state after a breakup is universal.  Breakups are painful and yet they are ripe for life-changing transformation as well.

Layour emotions is a term I coined for those highly recognizable characteristics that emotions go through during and after the break up of a relationship.  It includes our normal spectrum of feelings, good and bad emotions over the newly ended relationship.  It includes thoughts of revulsion, anger, hatred–sometimes varyingly directed at oneself, the other person, or both.


Be open to all of Layour emotions for they are ripe for magickal exploitation.


Originally “Layour” was a Chaos Magick Servitor I created meant to put a positive spin on all that intense emotional energy felt after a breakup.  It stands for LOVE ALL YOUR OPEN UNDERNOURISHED RAW emotions.  More on Chaos Servitors in an upcoming post, but the point was that the servitor would feed off all the generally awful experiences I was going through and transmute them into more positive things (in this case I channeled the energy into career.)


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