Is your your magick book difficult to read and practice? Or is it dumbed down?

Neither!  I’ve tried to make the difficult and erudite subject of magick EASY for you to learn and practice without losing any of the nuance and details of real magick.  While there are simple and clear rituals and meditations to change every aspect of your life, there is no dumbing down here.  Have I simplified and trimmed magick down to the essentials?  Absolutely, but the core techniques and ideas are those passed down from Ancient Greece, filtered through a variety of occult geniuses (such as Crowley, Regardie, Levi, and Agrippa), changed a little by me based on modern sensibilities, and then presented to you, the reader, in an easy-to-follow magick book.

Complex parts are broken down into small and manageable bite sizes, but nothing is lost.  Clarity is paramount, but never at the expense potency or nuance.

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