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Introduction to High Magick Spells

Tree of life


If you want to learn about high magick spells, sometimes also referred to as ceremonial
magick, here I provide to you a few basics. While I understand that some of you
may not agree with the information I am about to provide here in regards to high
magick spells, my only request is that you at least respect these beliefs.
There is also less code of belief added here for the simple reason of focusing
more on the basics and practice of high magick spells.


The Kabbalah

The Kabbalah is the high magick spells trunk. It lists quite a number of things that are
important for the purpose of studying high magick spells. The Kabbalah is
indeed the foundation of most of the teachings including Solomonic Invocations,
and the Spiritual Alchemy. The basis of the sacred names is the Jewish,
Kabbalistic, names of God. The Kabbalah is based on the Torah and also in
relation to the Jewish faith. The Kabbalah contains many revelations and
therefore, learning it is essential particularly in Spiritual Alchemy.

Tree of life

In Kabbalistic teachings, one topic that is essential to be covered is the tree of life. It is
a shame if you do not cover it. The Tree of Life contains a variety of
representations. One representation of the Tree of Life is that it is a
“Schematic” of the body of God. Moreover, it is as well a “Path”, High
magicians are supposed to work with. This basically is working with the
“Sephirot” or spheres of the tree.

Kabbalistic pathworking concerns itself with deep meditation. There are about 10 spheres on the tree of
life. We start from the bottom sphere, Sephirot (Malkuth), which represents the
physical world or material and ascending to our higher selves, Keter.

Kabbalistic Correspondences

These are basically a blueprint or an outline of things connecting to each other. For
example, a basketball is used by a basketball player when playing instead of
using volleyball. That represents one perfect example of correspondences.

Correspondences serve the purpose of adding more objects representation and effect to our
consciousness. The use of Kabbalistic correspondences is highly effective
because the objects associate/relates to each other. A basketball player is not
able to play effectively with volleyball because he/she is trained to play or
use a basketball.

HGA (Holy Guardian

The most significant goal in high magick spells is achieving interaction or consultation with
your HGA, also called the “Higher Self. By attaining knowledge concerning your
Holy Guardian Angel, one is able to reveal mysteries that are the darkest. By
unveiling your HGA, you unveil your true spirit or true self.

The Ritual of High
Magick Spells

Unlike some traditions, High magick spells practice is stricter. You are supposed to have strict
tools, strict words, and strict correspondences. The strictness of high magick
spells is the reason why it is high-priced. Strict ritual is observed to avoid
tainting of the practice.

In conclusion, the areas covered above are just some of the basics of high magick spells
introduction. There are a few other basics too not covered but these ones are
really significant. Most people wanting a spell of this nature use an experienced caster in magick.

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