How do I raise magickal energy?

There are endless ways to raise a variety of magickal energies, and you already work with magickal energy when you perform the Equilibrating Ritual of the Pentagram (or the LBRP and other variants).

Another powerful method of stirring up magickal energy, specifically that of your chakras, is called the Middle Pillar Ritual.   With it you will be able to raise as much magickal energy as you need and understand how to channel it for any purpose.  The Middle Pillar Ritual also has the pleasant side effect of making us healthy and beautiful.


Middle Pillar Ritual

The goal of the Middle Pillar Ritual is to open up your major energy centers (chakras), and then raising and circulating as much of that energy as possible.

The chakras run up and down the middle pillar of the Tree of Life, and relate to specific points on the body.

I downplay the visualization of the traditional colors.  This is not to say visualizing each sphere as a specific color isn’t useful, but only that it can be distracting to sensing the actual energy.

Not everyone visualizes, feels, or senses the chakras in exactly the same way.  Some people will see and feel the chakras, while others will get only the vaguest sense of their presence.  For success, just assume the chakras are there while you repeat the chants.  Your experience of each energy center will grow with time.

         Please note that there are many types of yoga and many ways of working with the chakras.  The Golden Dawn skipped two common chakras for example (Ajna and Manipura), and there are other chakras used in Tantra that we aren’t specifically using here (such as the Bindu chakra on the back of the head.)  You may add or remove chakras as you actually feel or sense them, but all you need for practical magick are five given in the following ritual at my Magick & Hermeticism forums:

The Middle Pillar Ritual

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