The Black Magick Book

What exactly is real occult magick?   Is it magick safe for me to perform?  What is black magick?   What are demons and angels?    How do I cast love spells?  How can a make wealth/money talisman?  How can I curse someone or be de-cursed?  How do I conjure or invoke demons or djinn? What is the difference between magic spells and magick rituals?  What is the Book of the Law? Who is Aleister Crowley? How do I communicate with my Higher Self?  How Can I  learn to perform magick myself? Are there limits to what magick can do?

This is the magick book for you.

            Everything You Want to Know About Magick (But Were Afraid to Ask), answers all these questions and every other question you may have about how to perform your very own magick rituals, cast magic spells, conjure demons/djinn, astral travel and eventually become skilled at all aspects of magick and Hermeticism.

Look for my magick book here or at your favorite retailer!

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