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Black or White Magick: Which is more powerful?


Black magick worries a lot of people so I often get asked about a certain spell or ritual:  Is this black magick or white magick? Will it backfire?  Is it more powerful than white magick?

Without getting in a long article on what black and white magick is (and how ultimately there is only “magick” in the final analysis–no black or white), let’s just say black magick tends to the strongest most invasive means necessary, often using demons or spirits, and white magick often has purer goals using angels and divine energies.  In the end…it’s often about personal choice, and one’s belief system.

I find one’s belief system can make all the difference whether a white or black magick spell works! Some people find black magick scary and want to work with white magick or angels.  They find they have good results with angels since they are naturally drawn to the idea of a higher entity helping them.  Then again, there are other people, often completely jaded with mainstream religion, who have no interest in angels, but rather find their curiosity peaked by demons, djinn or other instruments of black magick. Having found no solace in mainstream religion, they look for answers in the darker arts.  Both these attitudes makes sense to me, and BOTH types of spells can have good results.

The key with magick, or indeed anything in life, is that you feel comfortable and excited about what you are doing and the energies and spirits you are working with. If you are scared, or anxious, then it might be a good idea to work with a different type of magick, or take a break from magick all together.

In the end, I don’t think the dangers of black magick are particularly greater than white magick.  The intent behind the spell is usually more important than the style of magick used. Are your goals empowering for you and those around you? Or are your goals selfish and needy?  If one goes to angels with selfish and greedy goals, one might have actually worse results than going to a demon with the same goal! One can make mistakes with angels, and one can learn major life lessons from demons!  A good magician has no problems learning from both. A good magician is above and beyond both white and black magick.  A good magician will learn from all his spells, both those beneficial for everyone and even the greedy selfish spells as well.  In the end, being a magician is about finding one’s proper place in the universe, and finding one’s joy in taking pleasure daily in life’s sensual joys, as well as being a light and a beacon for those around you in the darkness.  Practice all your magick with passion and gusto, and the results are glorious.

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