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All them Witches!

In honor of Halloween, let’s answer some questions on witches : -)


What is a witch?

A witch is anyone who considers themselves to be one.  Most men or women who consider themselves witches worship some sort of version of the Goddess and the Horned God, perform nature rituals based on the moon and sun, and often perform personal practical magick to help friends or family (or hinder foes).


Do witches literally believe in multiple gods and goddesses?

Some do, and others consider the Horned God and Goddess (as well as any other divinity they find appealing) as aspects of our Universal Subconscious. This point of view doesn’t make theses gods and goddesses any less powerful to work with!


Can a high magician also be a witch?

I’m a high magician for the most part, but at times I do low magick rituals which have far more in common with witchcraft than high magick.


Is high magick for the rich and witchcraft for the poor?

There was some truth to that originally, but it doesn’t hold true today necessarily.  Traditionally, high magick required a lot of expensive items that only the wealthy could afford, while witchcraft and Paganism was very much developed out of the needs of the peasant and country folk.  Witchcraft would have generally included herb lore, which would have been considered more magick than science at the time.


Are all witches Wiccan?

Definitely not. You can be a witch without following Wicca, which are based on the teachings of Gerald Gardner.


Are all Wiccan’s witches?

All the ones I’ve met, though I’m sure someone out there says they are Wiccan and NOT a witch.


Are all Wiccans also pagans?

For the most part I’d say that all Wiccans are also “Pagans”, since they generally worship multiple gods and goddesses. But please understand that modern Pagans can also be monotheistic, and that there are many modern occult and religious groups that consider themselves Pagan that have nothing to do with Wicca.


How can a Pagan also believe in one God?


Because they consider the many “gods” to be aspect of one ultimate God. There doesn’t have to be a contradiction between the belief in many gods (or Saints for that matter) that are simply aspects of one ultimate divinity.

The Goddess and the Horned God, are a relatable polarity of God that we can witness here on earth. It’s a practical way to worship, and many find it more satisfying than worshipping a formless, nameless, entity that encompasses all time and space.  One’s conception of God need not be limited to just a single idea. I have many conceptions of God depending on what I’m doing, what I’m feeling, and what I’m trying to accomplish.


Who are the Goddess and the Horned God?

The Goddess is the ultimate female perfection, the mother Earth, and the Horned God is ultimate male energy, the libido, the wild fecundity of nature.  Later the medieval church, fearing

which witch is witch and who is who

the power of the common folk’s religion, demonized the horned God into the Devil.


Are all witches ugly with warts?

Nah, most of the ones I know are quite attractive, like this one on the right (she is probably NOT a Wiccan however ; -)

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