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How can magick help me?

In concrete terms, the benefits of learning magick are too numerous to list, but here’s a few advantages of using magick:

Understand and maximize the full potential of your mind and body. Learn rituals and meditations to attract wealth (Chapter 4), health (Chapter 6), and any other earthly delight under the sun or moon. I […]

Who is magick for?

Magick is for everyone. It is for the butcher, the athlete, the painter, the musician, and the banker. It is for the lawyer, the doctor, and the mountain man. Magick is about taking your life, your art, your love and your career to the next level, all the while increasing your joy and satisfaction with […]

Why use magick?

Everyone has problems and everyone wants answers, so why turn to magick to make lasting life changes? For starters, magick is rooted in humanity’s ancient past. Magick includes concepts, teachings, and symbols that resonate to the deepest core of our subconscious minds. This is wisdom clearly articulated by Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, which was then […]

Does magick really work?

The magick in Everything You Want to Know About Magick (But Were Afraid to Ask) most certainly works. I present you with only the very best concepts and techniques gleaned from my twenty-two years of magickal practice and study.

The meditations and rituals in this book are drawn from the most respected sources in magick, […]

What is Hermeticism?

There are many schools of magick, under a variety of terms, but Western magick finds its roots most strongly situated in Hermeticism, the religion and philosophy of the Hellenistic culture. This term frequently comes up in this book as Hermeticism has strongly influenced modern magick both directly and through the many authors and magicians it […]